Longarm Quilting Services


Blue Oaks provides longarm quilting services.  Prices are based per square inch starting at $.02 per square inch for a basic meandering pattern.  Most edge-to-edge pantograph patterns are priced at $.025 per square inch.  We don’t charge a separate set-up fee, nor do we charge per bobbin or for thread.  Please open the longarm services order form for more detail.  Currently we offer a 2 week turn-around time for edge-to-edge designs.

Longarm Quilting is a process of quilting in which a longarm quilting machine is employed.  Backing fabric, batting, and the quilt top are loaded on special long rollers designed to hold the layers taught while the operator moves the actual sewing machine over the quilt sandwich.  Blue Oaks utilizes an ABM 18″ Innova Quilting System on a 12′ table.  All quilting designs are hand-guided.  We can quilt up to a king size quilt on this machine.

Blue Oaks Quilting Longarm Services Order Form
BOQ Longarm Order Form (8_2017)